Social enterprise

At the core of all WKU’s work in Ghana is social enterprise. At WKU we recognise the need to generate income to help ensure the sustainability of our projects.

OUT Restaurant

Conference venue & accommodation room

WKU hires out its main training room as a conference venue to Corporates and local NGO’s. The venue can host up to 50 people seated or 25 people with tables and chairs. We also provide catering services based on the clients needs.

Our accommodation room with en-suite, provides ideal long-term and short-term affordable accommodation in a secure environment and safe community.

Due to Ghana’s economic challenges, we have been forced to put our Out Restaurant on hold. We’ll update you when things change!

The Third Half

Game Changers Academy Ltd

Game Changers Academy Ltd, GCA, was established in 2023 with support by WKU staff. GCA recognises the wealth of footballing talent throughout northern Ghana, but with limited access to professional coaching and a pathway to play professionally. GCA through it’s partnership with AD Merida FC, Spain and WKU, is dedicated to providing young people with the opportunity to develop and become future football stars. WKU is the corporate social investment of GCA.

Little Afrika Hotel

Little Afrika is a bespoke hotel situated just 5 mins walk from WKU Academy. Built and owned independently by the CEO & Founder of Africaid WhizzKids United, Little Africa provides quality and affordable accommodation to guests visiting WKU. Offering 12 double en-suite rooms with large lounge, big screen, walk-in kitchen sun-deck and bar, what more do you need to living the dream. A chunk of profits also go to supporting WKU Ghana.

Yellow Yellow adventures

Yellow Yellow Adventure

Just when you thought WKU couldn’t get any more exciting or perhaps dumber, we’ve teamed up with Yellow Yellow Adventure! Yellow Yellow Adventure presents the ‘Wild West’ – motoring stupidity on a West African scale. Basically, driving a ‘tuk-tuk’ through Ghana, Togo and Benin and hopefully back to Ghana.

This is your chance to come and experience WhizzKids United Ghana and drive 2,000 plus miles in a ‘yellow-yellow’ (the name given to tuk-tuks in Ghana) over dirt-track pothole ridden roads and raise money for WKU. If you are tired of holidays lazing on a beach sipping cocktails this is your perfect chance to throw away those speedos and grab your safari gear and embrace motoring madness African style. The ‘roads’ are more likely to throw up monster potholes than they are fuel stations or a charming roadside cafe.

If you have a group of 9 crazy friends or more, we can also look at offering you a bespoke ‘Wild West’ safari from 7 to 14 days. Typically, ‘yellow yellow’ adventures are 9 days and launch in June, July or August.

Contact for more details.

Yellow Yellow adventures

The Third Half

The third half is the world’s first social enterprise to combine sport, travel and the U.N. Global Goals.

Uniquely merging football/soccer, education and ‘service learning’ experiences, the third half is a leadership journey designed to move participants from being passive cultural consumers to active agents of change.

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