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Being at WKU



My journey with Whizzkids United began in 2009.

I got to know WKU when they visited Inzuzwenhle Primary School.  WKU team visited us and was able to teach us life skills through the power of football called “On The Ball”.

WKU taught us about gender equality. They made us play in the same field with females and it was fun.  I enjoyed it even though it was my first time playing football with girls. They taught us about HIV and Aids and how to always be safe when having sex.  We learned about diseases that we can possibly get after having unprotected sex.

The ON THE BALL PROGRAM is one of the most innovative ways to get through to teenagers.

One day I came across the WKU offices when passing through a path way at Edendale I met a precious person, Ms Gugu Mofokeng.  She gave me all the information I needed.  I registered for the Mix gender league which was going to start in 2011.


I also got an opportunity to play Brazil and got to exchange knowledge with other cultures in football and life in general. I was part of the 5 aside football for hope festival which was the best experience ever.

I relocated in 2015 but I continued to use the skills and life lessons I got from WKU.  In 2018 I returned to Pietermaritzburg, my home town.  I enrolled at WKU as a Game Changer.  This is a program that enrolls members in the community that finished matric (highest level in secondary schooling) and teaches and prepares them for work place environment. As a Game Changer we were given the opportunity to host events which touched local community members.

In April 2019, I was given the opportunity to join the WhizzKids United PR and Marketing Team with students from Durban University of Technology (DUT). Our main responsibility is marketing and fundraising.

Being involved with WKU activities for kids prevented me from joining gangs and turning to substance abuse. The best thing is it kept me healthy. I got to know about WKU from the age of 13.  This is 9 years later and I am very proud to still part of the WKU team and contributing to their vision and mission.


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