Health Academy
The WKU Health Academy - our Centre of Excellence

Our WhizzKids United Health Academy offers a unique combination of services - that of a adolescent clinic and a youth centre.

"WhizzKids United is an amazing organisation that can reduce the rate of teens getting pregnant and having HIV through it's programmes."
Sanelisiwe (17)
Health Academy

The Health Academy is a new, innovative concept that offers crucial health services to young people, based on these three pillars:


Why the Health Academy works

The Health Academy eliminates the stigmas that drive the HIV epidemic. The Academy is a safe hub in the community; a place where young people feel warmly welcomed, regardless of their HIV status. HIV positive and negative youth engage with each other in football matches and other activities without bothering about HIV statuses.

At the Health Academy young people receive services in a non-judgemental, youth-friendly manner. Those who are HIV negative learn about the threats of the disease and develop the skills to protect themselves. And those who are HIV postive are supported by our team to manage the disease the best they possibly can to live long and prosperous.

The Health Academy is not labled as a clinic, despite the number of health services that we offer, because we support people who want to stay health and people who want to become healthy again. Prevention is THE key element in our intervention stategy to fight HIV and other sexually transmitted infections.

"The Health Academy in my opinion is the best clinic for teenagers, because we can be able to be open with the nurses and the doctor. They make us feel safe."
Mandisa (17)